Golden Songket Dress

Thursday, January 16, 2014 0 comments
Golden Songket Dress

Gold is a symbol of triumph and victory in the world. For example, in the sport competition or olimpiade, gold is Gold is still one victory reference. Gold also has become a symbol of glory since thousands of years ago. It affects our on traditional cloting/fabrics in Indonesia.

In this design I would like to use gold patterned songket fabric. Songket is one of the traditional fabric from Indonesia. Songket is made from woven strands of yarn.There are many kinds of songket, but in my design I use Riau songket, Because Riau is my hometown :). For the dress I used a simple pattern with a circular pattern which is my favorite pattern as the bottom pattern. To make this dress is simple enough, the material that you need are:


I still can't attach the pattern, I need few months. Enjoy sewing and we must continue to design!


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